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D is for Dangerous Minds, Daria, Divergent, Dillon and Demi Lovato


So D was difficult to pick a movie for.  There are two movies that I absolutely love that start with D and fall into the teen movie category.   Most of the previous movies I shared were comedies, or 80's films. So naturally my first thought was to do Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter is Dead, but then I remembered Dangerous Minds.
Dangerous minds came out in the late 90's.  It starred Michelle Pfeiffer, a ex marine whose love of children made her go for a teaching degree.  She is offered a job teaching a bunch of misfit kids from the wrong side of the tracks.   The movie is basically the struggles of being an inner city teacher, losing kids to gang violence, teen pregnancy, and dropping out because they don't think they need the education. This movie despite only receiving three stars, I feel has a strong plot and good characters.

"Do not go gentle into that good night.Old age should burn and rave at close of day. Rage, rage against the dying of the light." Dylan Thomas


So Daria was a spinoff show from Beavis and Butthead.  Personally I think Daria was ten times better then Beavis and Butthead ever was.  Daria had interesting plot lines, funny characters, and a lack of stupid boneheads who giggle too much.   Daria is a sarcastic, social outcast who only has one friend. Jane.   Throughout the series you see Daria open up more, even to the point that she ends up falling for Jane's ex boyfriend Tom.  I like Daria's dry personality, her social awkwardness is also appealing because in reality everyone starts out a little emotionally and physically awkward.I wish they would have kept the show going longer, I was very upset when MTV took it down.  BRING DARIA BACK MTV!!!

Revel in Daria's awesome dry humor!


So I was going to save the Divergent series for V and talk about Veronica Roth as an author but then I realized . . .  Hey I just started reading again and really only want to talk about books I have previously read and give good feedback on so guess what Divergent it is.  

I must say it is an absolutely amazing book!  I really love Veronica Roth's literary style.  It is told from the first person point of view which really gets you in tune with Tris.  Tris was born in a time when the world is separated into factions.  Each person is believed to have an infinity for one of the five factions and when they turn sixteen are sorted after testing.  Tris was born to the Abegnation, stuffy and "stiff"  they spend their lives helping people.  But Tris or Beatrice as she is known to the Abegenation knew she could never live up to their expectations and ends up switching factions to Dauntless, a free-spirited dare devil group who are used for protection and warfare.  But Tris has a secret . . . She is Divergent . . . and has an infinity for more than one faction. Plot twist! Divergent is told beautifully, it has the right amount of description, so it's not over abundant, and the right mix of action.  I highly recommend this book to any reader, not just young adults.  (My husband loved it)

My Book:

Finally I get to introduce a very main character of my book.  The romantic lead and love interest of Genevieve, Dillon Brighton!  Dillon is the epitome of leading man material. Dark hair, piercing baby blue eyes that remind you of the sky and a smile with dimples for days.

Though Dillon is also the typical jock and Mr. popular he ends up falling for Genevieve, his shy, overweight tutor.   Genevieve and Dillon have a deep connection but Dillon is so involved with his rep that he wants to keep their love a secret.   As the story progresses a lot of things change his and Genevieve's relationship which also makes it even stronger towards the end.   There are times I love Dillon as a character and I also hate him.  He was written with every good I love about my husband, to every bad some of the skeletons in my past had. 
I think writing in general you always end up putting a part of your life in your stories some where. Whether it's basing a character off someone you know, or even putting a little of yourself in the story. 
Dillon is a mash-up of my dream guy, the love I have for my husband, and frogs I had to kiss to find the love of my life.   Hopefully my readers will end up feeling the same way as I do about him.  You gotta love to hate him, and hate to love him.   

What's for Dinner:  Pizza or takeout not sure yet

Song of the Day:  Demi Lovato featuring Joe Jonas  This is Me.


  1. Wouldn't Change A Thing from Camp Rock 2 by Jonas brothers and demi...I love. I am enjoying your song selections. Stopping by from A-Z. Your badge is from last of the new ones would look so good on your side bar.

  2. I have a few frogs in my books as well. ;) Love it! Good luck with A-Z :)

  3. I am fully convinced that Daria is my alter-ego in cartoon form... love this :-)

    1. I'm not sure who my Alter-ego in cartoon form is... I must find one.


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