Wednesday, April 23, 2014

T is for Ten Things I Hate About You, That 70's Show, Tuck Everlasting, Chloe Tipperton, Taylor Swift


Behold my favorite movie of all time AND the representative for letter T, Ten Things I Hate About You.  I'm not sure exactly why this movie is my favorite of all time.  Maybe it's because I can site every word from pure memory, or maybe it's because it's the first major role for Heath Ledger.  It could be because it's based on my favorite Shakespeare play of all time, The Taming of the Shrew, and that the cast was perfect for the movie.   But whatever the reason Ten Things I Hate About You is my favorite! Kat Stratford (Julia Stiles) is a misfit, teen, feminist, who scares most of the student body at her school.  She isn't really evil, she's misunderstood and has a wall up so no one can get to know her.  Her younger sister Bianca is her opposite. Bianca is popular, beautiful, and has every guy salivating at the mouth to date her.  Cameron is the new kid at school who, of course, falls for Bianca.  Bianca has her eyes on Joey Donner, an egotistical, pretty boy who only wants one thing from her.  Cameron decides the best way to get to know Bianca better is to learn French, and tutor her.  As they get closer Bianca tells him she can only date boys if her sister does, so Cameron with the help of his friend Michael hire Patrick Verona (Heath Ledger), who like Kat, scares pretty much everyone.  Patrick and Kat start dating, and soon Patrick is falling for Kat who like always eventually finds out that he was paid to date her.  Cameron puts Bianca in her place after he finds out that she used him to date Joey, and soon everything works out in the end.  This movie is funny, and cute, and a perfect teen movie to represent the letter T!


That 70's Show!  Yup the goofy kids who grew up in the 70's is my T representative.   I absolutely loved this show! My favorite characters were Kelso, Hyde and Fez.  The show was about a group of teenagers, two girls and four boys who are all best friends and living during the decade of the 1970's.  I love the dynamic of the cast, it was funny, hip, cool, and whatever other nostalgic word you can think of. That 70's Show was cute because most of the time it focused on the comedy and not-so-much the teen tough topics we all love, or love to hate!  Donna is the hot girl every guy wants, Jackie is the annoying hot girl that no one wants to date, but ends up dating everyone! Eric is the nerdy Star Wars lover that seems to bring the crazy pack of kids together. Kelso is the hot, stupid one that sleeps with everyone and doesn't seem to have a single cell in his brain.  Hyde is the outcast, stoner who spends the whole show making fun of everyone else.  And finally Fez, he's the foreigner. If you haven't had a chance to catch the show watch some reruns!


Tuck Everlasting is a book written by Natlie Babbat.  The book follows Winnie Foster a girl from a rich family who decides that she is sick of the way they treat her and runs away.  While in the forest Winnie meets a strange boy named Jesse Tuck while she is bending over to take a drink from a strange pool of water.   Jesse tells her she cannot drink the water but won't tell her why.  Winnie is then kidnapped by Jesse's family.While kidnapped Winnie learns that the Tucks have a secret, the spring Winnie was going to drink from gifts eternal life.  Soon Winnie is torn between her blossoming love with Jesse and the gift of eternal life, or going back to her family only to die some day in the future.   The book is very good, it was one of my favorites growing up. It was even made into a Disney movie at one time with Alexis Bedel starring as Winnie. I highly recommend this book to any avid reader, especially if you enjoy reading YA books.

My Book:

Finally! My last main character to introduce for my book series, Chloe!  I have some major plans for Chloe's book, in fact her book may be the most controversial of them all.  Since middle school Chloe has been branded with the stigma--Dyke.  It was an accident, she swears, her lips just accidently touched Carmen Vasquez (a Replica) in the locker room.  It didn't mean anything! Or did it? At least that's what she told Genevieve and Camille when they became friends. Ever since the misunderstanding, that hurtful and hateful nickname has been casted and spread all over the school. Though the nickname affects her in a negative way it has also paved the way for Chloe's character to be the way she is. Chloe is a sweet, naïve, confused, and down-to-earth girl. She is constantly trying to mend the broken relationship between Camille and Genevieve, and tends to get in the middle. Chloe lives with a overly strict grandmother who forces her to wear handmade clothes to school, which she doesn't, she just ends up changing in the car. But despite her effort, her main goal is to please everyone. I like this about her. I think it makes her character more interesting, and I like the weakness she gives off.  Mainly because it can only make her stronger throughout her own book. Chloe's book is going to be very deep. Her story has so many taboo issues to deal with, (I'll give one away, "Rape"), that it almost destroys, Chloe as a person.  In Genevieve's book, Chloe acts as the catalyst that keeps Genevieve together, she is the only one who understands her relationship with Dillon. And is there for her when she needs her. She's also very good at keeping secrets.  But Chloe has secrets of her own, and it isn't until you read her book that you find out exactly everything going on with Chloe. I am about half way through writing Chloe's book, although while writing Genevieve's story a lot has changed for Chloe's character.

What's for dinner?  Golden Corral

Song of the Day:

Taylor Swift - Mean
 (I think this is Chloe's theme song!)

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