Wednesday, April 9, 2014

H is for Hunger Games, Home Improvement, Holes, Miss Harper, Hilary Duff.


So H was kind of hard to pick a movie for.  I had a toss up between the 80's lover in me and the post-apocalyptic lover in me.   The apocalyptic side one!  Only the strongest will survive after all!  (By the way Heathers was the movie for the 80's easily as morbid and now that I think about it both movies involve kids killing kids. Go figure!) I decided to do the movie the Hunger Games.  Suzanne Collins wrote the books, and I fell in love with them. When the movie came out I couldn't wait to go see it.  Sometimes though, well . . . more often then not the movie is never as good as the book.  I didn't feel this way towards the Hunger Games.  I thought that the director did an amazing job bringing Katniss Everdeen to life and showing the world of the Hunger Games as it should be done. The only thing I was mildly disappointed about was the fact the dogs in the end didn't have the dead tributes eyes like they were supposed to. Other then that I really enjoyed the movie, and plan on seeing all the rest. Catching Fire was amazing as well! But a quick synopsis of the movie.  Katniss is a girl who lives in a post-apocalyptic era where the worlds is split up into twelve districts.  Each district has a different kind of commodity it supplies the Capital which is run by President Snow. (played by Donald Sutherland) Katniss lives in District 12 with her mother and sister, and is best friends with a boy named Gale.  Every year one boy and one girl from ages 12-18 are picked randomly to go into the Hunger Games, an entertainment event where 24 kids are thrown into an arena and fight to the death.  When Katniss's sister Prim gets chosen her very first year Katniss volunteers to go in her place.  (Did I mention she is an amazing archer?) Then the boy picked is named Peeta Mellark, the bakers son.  Soon Peeta and Katniss join forces so they can survive the Hunger Games together, and a romance is formed.  But is it real?  So if you love the books but haven't seen the movie, rent it or buy it!  It's really well done.



So there weren't many teen t.v. shows that really spoke to me.  I finally chose Home Improvement.  Which isn't really about the kids, it's more about Tim Allen's character being a bumbling idiot when it comes to life but managing to keep his family together regardless. He's also hysterically accident prone.  I really like the show because I thought the dynamic between him and his wife Jill was extremely funny.  I also liked his relationship with Wilson the neighbor you never see anything of but the top of his head, and  Al his side-kick on the home improvement show he stars in.  Jill and Tim have three boys that you get to watch grow up throughout the show.  Randy, Mark and Brad, of course like any screaming teenage girl Randy played by Jonathan Taylor Thomas was always my favorite boy.  The show was really funny, and it lasted eight seasons before finally taken off air. Tim Allen now has a new show Last Man Standing in which he has three daughters instead of three sons.  Kind of cool huh?  Here watch the accident prone Tim in action.


Holes is a book written by Louis Sachar.  The book has about four different stories going on inside of it. The first story is about a boy named Stanley Yelnats who falls in love with a girl and goes to ask a fortune teller Madam Zeroni help.  She tells him that she will give him a pig that he will walk up a mountain everyday until he gets fat enough to please the girls father.  Once the pig is fat enough, and he gets the girl, Stanley was supposed to return to Madam Zeroni and carry her up the mountain to drink the water.  When the girl he loves rejects him Stanley falls back on his word to Madam Zeroni and a curse is born for the Yelnats whose blood line will forever have bad luck.  The second story is about Stanley Yelnats the 4th who is walking down the street and gets hit in the head by shoes, stolen shoes.  He ends up being sent to a prison camp where the boys are sent to dig holes all day.  He soon meets Hector Zeroni an ancestor of Madam Zeroni!  See where this is going?  Without giving away the whole story, I will stop there. Holes is an amazing book that keeps your interest and bonds you with the characters. I really enjoyed reading it and seeing the movie!. It's also a very quick and easy read.

My Book:

So I changed the last name of a character in my book to come up with an H character to introduce.  I'm still editing, so guess what? I can do stuff like that!  Penny Harper is the school nurse.  She is introduced quite a few times during the series but in Genevieve's book she only pops up once.  Penny is a short, shorter then Genevieve, African American woman in her early thirties that tries to be everyone's best friend.  She has a bubbly personality and always wears her hair in a bun on top of her head. She is very opinionated but helpful.  She is just a filler character and only has a bit part in Genevieve's book, which makes her one of those characters that can be cut if necessary.  I like Penny though because she is a child at heart, and tries her best to connect with the children she has in her infirmary on a more personal level.

What's For Dinner: Probably Leftovers.  Not quite sure yet!

Song of the Day:

Hilary Duff - Someone's Watching Over Me.

(This is by far my favorite song by Hilary Duff, and it's from the movie Raise Your Voice.)


  1. Hi Vanessa, I gotta admit it's easy to want to skip over long posts during the #atozchallenge, but I haven't caught onto the Hunger games and decided now was as good a time as any... and before I knew it got right to the very end... Penny Harper is a great name, I like her too :)
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