Monday, April 20, 2015

Q is for Quake by Lisa Arrington

My Q post features a science fiction book about an alien encounter that results from a massive earthquake. I don't usually read science fiction so I was pleasantly surprised by this book.

Ali and Caden are brother and sister. They grew up in a small town with their mother and never knew who their father was. When a large earthquake shakes the campsite they are staying in, their world suddenly dissolves. 

Friends are starting to act weird, people are dying, and it all centralizes around the massive crater opened up by the earthquake. Not knowing what to do Ali and Caden try to do their best to keep their friends alive during this time. When the people they love the most turns on them, Ali and Caden find out that they are the key to why aliens have suddenly taken over their town and it will take a miracle to get out of their town alive.

I enjoyed this book and the characters. I thought the drama was there, the action as well as a great story plot. I think there were parts that could have been elaborated on and maybe edited a little better but that didn't turn me off from the book.  I haven't had a chance to read the sequel yet but I am looking forward to continuing my journey with Ali and Caden in the next book Aftershock.

About the Author: (Taken from Facebook)

Hi there! My name is Lisa and I am a Mother, Information Technology Technical Associate (say that five times fast), Avid Reader and now Writer.

Ever since I started elementary school, I have been writing. Poems, short stories, jokes (okay, no...they were NOT remotely funny), I even helped create the school's fight song 'The Brichta Rap'.

Going into Middle School and High School I continued with writing and was surprised when I shocked my teachers with my mad writing skillz. A few encouraged me to enter competitions and I did. I usually ended up getting honorable mentions, but once I did win! The prize was $7.00, I kid you not.

After High School, I got out of writing, focusing on Computer Science and supporting myself and a child, who luckily, LOVED when I made up stories with him as the star.

I tried married life (twice) and apparently suck at it. I live in Tucson with my two boys who are the reason that I get up every morning and do what I do. I love the color blue, watching old shows like Golden Girls and Murder, She Wrote. If you want to make me smile, a box of Junior Mints will do the trick or a big bowl of butter pecan ice cream.

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Ali and Caden thought they were your average teenagers trying to navigate high school pressures and college decisions.

During a camping trip all of that changes when an earthquake ushers in an Alien invasion on their small desert hometown.

Lives are lost and friendships are tested as Ali and Caden, along with their best friends, begin running for their lives. However, nothing can prepare them for the secrets they discover when they begin learning more about themselves then they ever thought possible.

Amazon Kindle Price: $ 2.99 Buy it Now!
Amazon Paperback Price: $ 9.49

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Barnes and Noble Paperback Price: $ 9.51

And the Story Continues:

Ali and Caden Morgan were not prepared for what happened a month ago. Their lives are upside following the death of their mother, a best friend and the reappearance of their father, a man they thought had abandoned them long ago.

The have now learned the truth about the relationship their parents shared and what they went through until they were torn apart.

Now Ali and Caden must learn to trust a man that hasn't been there for over seventeen years, how to use and control their powers, all while continuing to hide from an advanced Alien race.

Amazon Kindle Price: $ 3.99 Buy it Now!
Amazon Paperback Price: $ 10.99

Barnes and Noble Nook Price: $ 3.99 Buy it Now!
Barnes and Noble Paperback Price: $ 10.99

What's For Dinner?:  First night I had Mexican in Vegas

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