Tuesday, April 7, 2015

F is for Flesh Eating Zombies and Evil Ex Girlfriends by R.M. Schieffelbein

So I used to read horror books all the time when I was younger. Now I have more of a contemporary vibe. But my 'F' book is actually the first zombie book I have ever read and I loved it! 

Flesh Eating Zombies and Evil Ex Girlfriends is a book that follows the birth of a zombie apocalypse that starts right in the middle of a high school.  Imagine staying after school one day only to find that everyone outside is being eaten alive by real life zombies! The story follows Erwin who is staying after school for football practice along with his newly ex-girlfriend her pain-in-the-ass new boyfriend and a girl that probably is the one for him named Sylvia.  When the zombies start infecting everyone around them it is up to Sylvia and Erwin to save themselves and the younger sister of a friend who was bitten by a zombie. As they travel along they end up meeting militant refugees, zombies, creepy people, more zombies, people that need help, even more zombies, and people who are trying to save everyone.  AND YES MORE ZOMBIES!  Basically if you like YA, if you love zombies, or if you love The Walking Dead, then you should really give Flesh Eating Zombies and Evil Ex-Girlfriends a try.  The story is action packed, with a shock me ending that leaves you reeling for days! I absolutely loved this book!

Amazon Kindle Price:  .99 cents! Buy it Now at a great price!
Amazon Paperback Price: $ 9.95
Barnes and Noble Nook Price; .99 cents! Buy it Now at a great price!

About the Author:

Rachel Schieffelbein grew up in a tiny town in Southeast Minnesota reading books, riding horses, and participating in speech and theater. She is now married with four kids and enjoys reading books, riding horses, and coaching speech and theater. If it ain't broke, don't fix it! She enjoys writing characters she can relate to, ones she would want to hangout with, or fall in love with. She hopes her readers will love them, too.  

On a personal level:  Rachel and I connected through the Pitch Madness contest that Brenda Drake puts on every year. Though we had mutual friends and were in a few fan groups with each other I never talked to her before Pitch Madness. I'm really glad I met her.  She is nice and easy to talk to and I love her writing. I had to give her a hard time because I couldn't find a bio on her, and threatened to come up with something on the fly . . .  I think it had to do with her growing up in Moscow under an evil uncle, and was deadly with toothpicks and tin cans.... Yup beware Rachel has a darkside! JK

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What's For Dinner?: Chicken helper Thingy

Song of the Day:  Okay because Rachel wants to be difficult she picked a song, a great song, by an band that unfortunately doesn't have a video.  So I will be linking to their Facebook page as well as picking a song to represent her book as well!

Rachel's pick: Parkway Avenue by the Gravities Listen to the Gravities Here

My pick:  Zombie by the Cranberries (Yes I know mine is so unoriginal compared to hers)


  1. Thank you so much, Vanessa!! And I'm so glad we connected during Pitch Madness! :) :)

  2. I know Rachel! Awesome you enjoyed her book.


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