Friday, April 3, 2015

C is for Confessions of a Heartbreaker by Jennifer Sucevic

So remember when I said not all my posts would be about books that I gave five golden, pretty, sparkling stars. My 'C' post is one of these books. Unfortunately it just wasn't the book for me.  So why am I featuring it? I'm featuring it because even if I don't connect with a book maybe someone else out there will.

Confessions of a Heartbreaker is a book that follows Parker Montgomery, a egotistical, chauvinistic, man whore as he chases a girl who won't give him the time of day, Jordan Witnall a girl his father hires to be his tutor. There were so many things great about this book that I thought I would automatically love it, but I just couldn't get past Parker. 

Things I liked:

Male POV (gasp) Yup it's entirely Parker in this book
Jordan - Loved her spunky take no shit attitude
Cute sappy love story.  Insert Awwh as you please
Max - gotta love the crazy best friend.

So what lost me on the book?  Parker. I just didn't find him realistic. I'm sure there are guys out there that talk about how big their dick is all the time and how many girls they sleep with but for me I just found him too obnoxious, too conceited, and completely juvenile. And the inner monologues were crazy long! Like seriously lasted forever!  When the main character pretty much makes you scream the entire book and roll your eyes you know that the book probably isn't going to be the most fantastic read you will ever have.

So here is the blurb about the book maybe it will entice other people to want to read it.  Don't let me sway your opinion, form one of your own! :D

For high school senior, Parker Montgomery, life is pretty damn awesome. With his good looks and easy charm, girls have always fallen right into his lap. Which FYI- is precisely where he likes them. Sure, it can be something of a curse, but it's one he thoroughly enjoys taking advantage of. And he can always rely on his best friend, Max, to have his back. A little added side bonus to that friendship- Parker is continually reminded by Max's rollercoaster of a relationship (the guy was, after all, stabbed with a spork) just as to why he has absolutely zero interest in being tied down. Parker's idea of a long term commitment consists of a few pleasant hours spent fooling around in a dark room. And then there's football. Yep, he pretty much lives and breathes it.
Unfortunately for Parker, life is just about to nosedive before exploding into a fiery ball of flames because senior literature isn't going so well for him. And his teacher, Ms. Fisk (whom he not-so-lovingly refers to as an old bat) has called his parents to set him up with a tutor. With an ultimatum between raising his grade or sitting out for the season, Parker has no other choice but to begrudgingly meet with a tutor three times a week. Now throw in a girl who thinks he's nothing more than a walking STD and Parker suddenly finds himself doing all the chasing. If that wasn't enough to make him feel as if the world hasn't totally fallen off it's axis, this girl has relegated him to some strange realm called the friend zone. And he's pretty sure she doesn't mean friends-with-benefits either...

Is it possible that Parker Montgomery has finally found the one girl worth changing for? Will he somehow be able to prove to her that even a man-whore like himself can be reformed?

This is a Mature Young Adult Novel

Amazon Kindle Price: $2.99 Buy it Now!

Barnes and Noble Nook Price: $2.99 Buy it Now!

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