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K is for King-Sized Beds and Happy trails By Becca Ann and Tessa Marie

So my 'K' book choice is a collaboration from two of my favorite authors.  One who I already featured and one that is coming up soon . . .  Becca Ann (Cassie Mae) and Tessa Marie (Theresa Paolo) .  It's also the first book in a really great series.

King Sized Beds and Happy Trails follows two best friends, Ryan and Lexie who have been friends most of their lives. Lexie comes from a broken home, with an alcoholic mother that is labeled the town drunk. Her only outlet is Ryan, her best friend, her confidant, the one she cares about the most. Lexie is saving up to go to college, so when a senior class trip comes up and she can't come up with the money to go, Ryan ends up paying for her.  He secretly has feelings for her that are more than just friends. Lexie wants to go to try and win the heart of Sean Dixon a senior she has the hots for. When Ryan and Lexie end up being thrown into a room together with just a king size bed to share, things start to get a little awkward.

I really loved this book. Lexie is a strong, yet an emotionally broken character that you just want to fix. Ryan is that best friend you've always wanted. The guy who has your back no matter what, the guy that even though he's a vegetarian will always order your burger and bring it to you. Together they have a really cute and adorable friendship. Throw in Kaylee and Nate and you got a hilarious foursome that you can't help loving. 

About the Authors: Since each have their own personal sites and such and I have already featured them/or will be, I will just have to make stuff up . . . Becca Ann and Tessa Marie are notorious outlaws, wanted in fifty states and numerous foreign countries for theft and kidnapping. They've stolen their readers hearts, they've captured their readers attentions and held them hostage with amazing stories that keep you rooted in place. Seriously I've never been more happy to be kidnapped in all my life. (Though I really wish they would loosen the duct tape it's starting to itch.) Please check out my 'H' post for more on Becca Ann (Cassie Mae) and my upcoming 'N' post for Tessa Marie, (Theresa Paolo)

Kaylee Sperling is a social butterfly with a million acquaintances, but no real close friends. The closest thing she has is her pet gerbil, Mr. Pippi, and 150 notes from a random classmate who won’t reveal who he is. But she’s crossing her fingers it’s the self-proclaimed magician and total hottie, Nate Hatfield.
Nate needs an assistant for the upcoming talent show. When he spots Kaylee folding herself in half during gym class stretches, he nervously asks for help with his magic act. But after a disappearing mishap, resulting in an accident with one of Kaylee’s only friends, Mr. Pippi, Nate must figure out how not only to keep his assistant, but someone who’s come to mean much more to him than his illusions.

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 Written by Cassie Mae and Theresa Paolo, under the pen names Becca Ann and Tessa Marie

Lexie Boggs needs out of her house… away from her alcoholic mother and far away from the “white trash” label that’s been smacked across her chest. She’s saved every penny from her multiple jobs so she can dart out of there as soon as she graduates. But there's something else she wants so badly she's willing to spend every dime she has. Her senior class trip and the chance to seduce the senior hottie, Sean Dixon.

Ryan Parker knows how much college means to his best friend, Lexie. He also knows Sean is a player on a search for how many girls he can get in his bed. So instead of letting Lexie drain out her piggy bank, he forks out the dough to get her on the senior ski trip. Not only because she’s his best friend, but because he’s face-planted in love with her.

When Ryan and Lexie get jammed in the same cabin, with one king-sized bed and a whole lot of history, Ryan fights to keep his feelings hidden, while Lexie discovers some of hers.

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Ryan Parker has loved his best friend for the past ten years, and after a weeklong ski trip, he finally got bumped out of the friend zone. Things seem perfect, until Ryan finds out his mom has a second family, and his half-brother, Brett shows up on his porch. When Ryan gets invited to spend his spring break with Lexie at a beach house, his grandparents suggest Brett go with to provide them with more bonding time.
Lexie Boggs fell in love with her best friend. After the best four months of her life, she’s ready to spice things up in her relationship. The beach side bed seems like the perfect place to seduce Ryan, except he seems off lately. His temper boils at the surface, and having Brett around isn’t helping.

When they all get crammed in the beach house, Lexie tries to mend the growing rift between the two brothers, while Ryan tries to forget his brother even exists.

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Barnes and Noble Paperback Price: $8.90 Buy it Now!

COMING APRIL 22nd 2014!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What's For Dinner:  Baked Asparagus, pasta and Chicken

Song of the Day: (Picked by the authors)

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  1. I actually haven't read this whole series yet. :( I need to! I love all of Cassie Mae's and Theresa Paolo's other stuff. My TBR list is too long. :-P


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