Tuesday, April 7, 2015

F is for First Impressions by ME! V. Kelly!

No you are not seeing things . . . I did two 'F' Posts!  The reason behind this is simple.  SELF PROMOTION.  In May I'm getting ready to publish my own first novel.  It's been a very long scary road for me and actually putting my work out there for people to read is a terrifying thing. So because my debut novel starts with the letter 'F', I wanted to write a little bit about it just to get some information out there.

After a terrible first encounter that leaves the girl of his dreams dripping in alcohol and fuming with rage, Trace decides, right then and there, that he is going to do everything he can to change her first impression about him.

What he wasn't prepared for were the obstacles that get in his way . .  .

Another man vying for her affection, something called the man test given by her over-protective father, and a crazy stalker that seems to think a one night stand meant more than it actually did.

Despite everything thrown in his path, Trace is determined to win Gabby over, and even though her bitchy demeanor, witty insults, and superior comebacks are enough to deter the average guy it only fuels Trace's growing attraction even more.

You only get one chance at making a first impression but Trace is asking for a second try. 

There you go my book in a nutshell.  It's Dual POV, if you like rocky romances with quirky characters, and witty banter rivaling Katherina and Petruchio, then First Impressions will be the book for you.

My goal is to publish by May 19th.  So hopefully fingers crossed I can focus and get this baby edited and ready for publishing.I hope some of you will take a chance on my book, and hopefully enjoy it!

What's For Dinner?: Chicken Thingy

Song of the Day:

This is Trace's song to Gabby.

Simple Plan I'd Do Anything

This is Gabby's Song for Trace.

Plain White T's - Hate ( I really really don't like you)


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