Saturday, April 18, 2015

P is for Prick by Sabrina Paige

So I am really behind in my blog entries this is due to the fact that the hotel I was staying at decided to be internet-hoarders and was going to charge me $7.00 a day to use it.  Thus, I chose not to purchase it and get my $ 200.00 deposit for the room back. Yeah, call me a penny-pincher all you want but I need that money.  So I guess that means I failed A to Z but there are still a lot of books I need to discuss so I'm going to keep going.

My 'P' post features an adult erotica step-brother romance.  I didn't think I would enjoy step-brother books but this one definitely captured my interest.

I really enjoyed the dynamic between Katherine and Caulter. I can imagine the strain she went through knowing that the guy who took her virginity was now going to be her brother. That has to be mortifying.

I liked Katherine's wit and the way she handled Caulter's machismo. Caulter was just swoon worthy. His foul mouth, sexy good looks and just all around swoon worthy presence. I soaked up every page.

It took them awhile to get together but in the end I loved how they came together. It's a great Erotica book with quirky characters, witty conversations and definite chemistry.

About the Author: (Taken from her Facebook Page)

Sabrina Paige is a romance author who writes about smart, sexy women and the hot alpha males who love them. Taming Blaze is her debut novel.

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 I can't stop thinking about that prick.
Caulter Sterling is a prick.
A filthy-mouthed, womanizing, crude, spoiled, arrogant prick.
The tattooed, pierced, panty-melting-hot son of a celebrity.
I hate him.
He's slept his way through practically every girl at Brighton Academy.
Except for me.
I'm the good girl. The responsible girl. The 4.0, class president, studied-so-much-she-never-lost-the-big-V girl.
And in celebration of graduation and adulthood, I just made the worst decision in the history of ever.
I lost my V-card to the devil himself.
It was just one night. So what if it was mind-blowing? Hit it and quit it.
Except I just found out that my father - the Senator, the Presidential hopeful - is marrying Caulter's mother. Oh, and this summer? We're hitting the campaign trail.
One big happy family.
I'm totally f**ked.

This is a standalone novel with an HEA.

Amazon Kindle Price: $ 2.99 Buy it Now!
Amazon Paperback Price: $ 11.69 Buy it Now!

Barnes and Noble Paperback Price: $ 11.69 Buy it Now!

What's For Dinner?: Since these are old posts I have no idea what I ate last week since I was in Las Vegas... so no Food posts for now!
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