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A is for the Acceptance Series by Dee Kelly

Warning this post will be longer than most because it covers an entire four book series! 

For my letter ‘A’ post I want to feature a book series that I have thoroughly enjoyed reading.
It’s called the Acceptance series by Dee Kelly. 

This series features four books following Kate, as she bumbles down the path to find her true love. Since she was a little girl she has been in love with one man, Michael. When a tragic accident breaks them apart on the night he is going to propose, Kate’s life is sent in a traumatic spiral where she closes herself off to everyone.  3 years later at a party she has a once-in-a-lifetime encounter with a sexy man named Daniel and soon a whirlwind romance begins.  But neither of them know that they have a common thread between them, Mike, the reformed and looking for his lost love Katherine. You guessed it!  Katherine ='s Kate and Mike  ='s Michael! 
PLOT TWIST! OOOOH AHHHH (Runs for the pages, Who will Kate choose? Who is the love of her life? Is it Michael the boy she has loved forever? Or is it Daniel the man who stole her heart?) I WANT TO KNOW NOW!
I didn’t immediately fall in love with the Acceptance series.  In fact I only gave the first book, Breaking Kate, 3 stars because I found the relationship between Daniel and Kate unrealistic. I think it’s because he gave her stupid pet names that drove me absolutely bonkers. Mainly Sweetheart, for some reason when I read this word an it is said to a female I automatically think Alpha egotistical male is chastising the woman like a child. When I think sweetheart I see beautiful baby girls being called that by their fathers. I guess when it comes to enduring pet names I am just a true blue, “Baby”, or “Honey” kind of girl. But there was something in her book that drew me in, even without totally loving it, and I took a chance and read book two.  It was in book 1.5 that the Acceptance series and I started our torrent love affair. It was Mike . . . Sexy Mike, Crazy Mike, the Mike you love to hate, that captured my heart. If you fall in love with the series like I did, you will soon realize there is a war on her fan-site; you’re either #teamdaniel or #teammike.  I am 100 percent Team Mike! Why? Their relationship and their love just felt so real, he is who I want to end up with Kate.

It’s hard being a true blue Team Mike fan knowing that even though you desperately want them to end up together, it may not come true. Plus there is just so many #teamdaniel fans that if we were to get in a crazy street war, us #teammike fans better have some killer ninja skills hidden in our back pocket.  Just kidding :D
After Catching Kate, I could not wait for the other 2 books to be released. I had to know who was going to end up with Kate.  So I devoured Releasing Kate and Loving Kate within the first couple days receiving them. Without any spoilers . . . I believe Kate ended up with the man she was supposed to be with. 

About the Author:  I have been fortunate enough to get to know Dee on a personal level. She is outgoing and fun, as well as a great source of information both on a personal and professional level.  I love talking to her. I find her to be a truly amazing human being, and her writing has strengthened over the course of her Acceptance series.  I’ve enjoyed watching her characters grow, her characters change, and her characters follow their hearts. I like our little chats, and the fact she doesn't run away screaming when I bug her to let me read her books early before they come out. Dee is the master of brilliantly brushing me off in the nicest way possible :D  I can be quite annoying when I want to be :D (and not in a creepy way, Just an over excited fan way) And no matter how many times I bug her she still treats me like a friend. 

Here is a link to her author page:

Facebook: Dee Kelly Author Page

Here are the blurbs about her books:

Breaking Kate Book One:  Michael Matthews has been in love with Katherine Moore since the second grade. In Michael's mind there is absolutely nothing that will ever be able to keep the two of them apart. The night Michael is set to propose to Katherine the evening is interrupted by an unexpected tragedy that tears the two of them apart for good.
Three years have passed since that fateful night when Katherine, now known as Kate meets Daniel. After an awkward start sparks fly between them. Daniel and Kate fall hard and fast into the most passionate and intense love affair of their lives. In three years a lot can change, Michael knows he made the biggest mistake of his life when he left Katherine and he will do anything to get her back. Asking his best friend Daniel for help is his first step in righting the wrongs he made so many years ago. Unfortunately, neither of them realizes that Michaels long lost love Katherine is Daniel’s true love Kate.
While attending the engagement party of a mutual friend, all of their paths collide. How is Kate supposed to choose between the two men that mean the most to her in the world? Kate has to push past her heartache and put some serious thought into what comes next. One wrong choice and not only could she lose them both but Daniel and Michael may never recover their friendship. 

Amazon kindle Price: $3.99 Buy Now
Barnes and Noble Nook Price: 3.99 Buy Now

Catching Kate Book 1.5: After almost four years, Michael Matthews has come face to face with the love of his life. To say it didn't go quite as he envisioned is an understatement. Never in a million years would he have imagined that his best friend, Daniel, is the new man in Kate's life.
Once their explosive evening concludes and everyone goes their separate ways, Mike takes the time to calm down and plan his next move. If there's one thing that calms him it's Kate, even if it's just memories of her. Mike has four hours before he sees her again and gets to plead his case. Instead of sleeping, he spends his evening remembering every detail of their relationship from the beginning.
Experience Mike and Kate's love story from the start, all from Mike's point of view. Find out why he left Kate in pieces and learn just how far he'll go to make her fall in love with him all over again.

Amazon kindle Price: $2.99 Buy Now
Barnes and Noble Nook Price: 2.99 Buy Now

 Releasing Kate Book Two: Kate has been through more than her fair share of tragedies in her life. After suffering the loss of her mother, daughter, and the love of her life, she’s finally found the strength to open herself up to love again. For once, everything is finally as it should be. Kate should’ve known that things were too good to be true; her life doesn’t work that smoothly. It’s been four years since Michael left Kate, but he’s back now, and determined to win Kate’s heart once again. After discovering that Daniel and Michael are best friends, the situation spirals out of control quickly. Instead of dealing with her broken heart, Kate ignores it.
When Kate’s actions drive her to do the unthinkable, she knows she’s crossed the line. Unfortunately, she doesn’t realize it until it’s too little, too late. Her actions have consequences and now she’s trying to fix the unfixable. Can the men in Kate’s life grant her the forgiveness she can’t even find within herself?

Amazon kindle Price: $3.99 Buy Now
Barnes and Noble Nook Price: 3.99 Buy Now

Loving Kate Book Three: * This book should not be read until Breaking Kate, Catching Kate, and Releasing Kate have all been read.*
Katherine Moore has loved Michael Matthews since they were children. She’s also in love with his best friend. After her world was turned upside down, she made an impulsive choice which may have cost her the loves of her life. Now, as she tries to make amends, she has to choose one of them. But how do you choose between two men who love you unconditionally?
Things continue to get even more complicated with the arrival of baby Lucas. In the midst of it all, her college graduation looms on the horizon and her future has never seemed more unclear. When she finally declares which man she can’t live without, he refuses to let Kate back into his heart. Everything seems hopeless until a sudden change of events puts her in day to day contact with the man she loves.
As they both struggle to accept their new circumstances, Kate can’t help but hope this will be their second chance at happily ever after. Will the man of her dreams be able to forgive her or will she finally have to accept that she’s truly lost the love of her life?
Loving Kate is the third and final full-length novel in The Acceptance Series. 

Amazon kindle Price: $3.99 Buy Now
Barnes and Noble Book Price: $16.99 Buy Now (Not yet available for Nook)

 What's For Dinner?: Steak, Baked Potatoes and Corn on the Cob

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