Sunday, January 2, 2011

My first Blog


So here it goes my first ever blog.... Well I have nothing to say.

Just kidding.

What better way to start then with my New Years Resolutions:  I have two.

First Resolution: My first resolution is almost every woman's resolution at the first of the year.                        LOSE SOME WEIGHT
With the new year sprung upon me I find myself looking in the mirror and the realization hit me why sit on the couch watching the Biggest Loser as I tell myself I wish that it was me on that show.... (And yes I do watch the Biggest Loser).  Instead let's do something about it.  But what can you do when you live in a very small town with limited resources?   My answer.... Portion Control and Exercise tapes. OH and the Biggest Loser Wii game... well Walking too.  I Guess I do have some resources.  In all reality it is hard to have the ambition to work out.  I'd rather stuff my face with sweets and starches and play video games then spend a couple hours running, walking, jogging and working out. But nevertheless being a mother of two the added pounds from marriage and having children needs to go away. 

Second Resolution:   To finish the first draft of my novel and complete it. 

I have always loved to write, it started when I was little writing a bunch of happy-go-lucky teenage romance novels that bounced around my old school Apple computer incomplete and waiting for an ending which never came.   Here is my problem . . . I love to write . . . So I start writing and start typing faster than my ideas pop in my head It's then that  I hit a wall its called WRITERS BLOCK and get discouraged forever turning my back on the ideas for books that sat on my computer waiting to be finished.  
So now I have started to write again, only took me like 10 years and I am about a quarter done with my first novel.  My goal... to finish the book every single chapter by the end of the year and start sending it around to get published. 

So there you go my New Years Resolutions. 
Now your probably wondering who this crazy person is talking about writing and weight loss and why do I care what she has to say.  Well in all honesty I am a stay at home mom, with kids and Husband who is in the military.  ARMY WIFE at its finest.  
I'm turning 29 this year and my only wish is to complete this book and accomplish the dream of becoming a published author.  Whether you care about what I have to say that is up to you. LOVE ME or HATE ME this blog is for me and for anyone interested in my struggle of writing a novel while dealing with everyday life struggles.  I welcome all followers and will even involve you in the process of writing my book.

Thats all for now thanks for reading.


What's for dinner tonight:  HOME MADE CHILI AND CORN BREAD
Kid quote of the day:  Me: What are you doing?
                                  My daughter:  Mom I am just doing average kid stuff.  Now if you excuse me I am                                                          going to go watch daddy shoot some bad guys.
(he is playing Red Dead Redemption on XBOX 360)

Have a goodnight everyone.


  1. Exciting stuff! Great blog! Good luck :)

  2. Can't wait to see what is next. I'm going to have to have you send me some of the chili though.


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