Sunday, January 2, 2011

About my book working title Broken Wings

So the first Blog was more about me Now it is time to get you interested in my book.

So right now my book has a working title called Broken Wings. 

It is a completely fictional story about a Female Criminal Investigator named Angel who has a troubling life which involves a lot of heart break and loss.  Angel is a loner who is forced by her Captain to get a new partner, a handsome, wise cracking, womanizer named Dominic. Dominic and Angel start to investigate a series of murders in New York city where the tips lead them on wild goose chase looking for the killer.  As you get to know Angel and Dominic you also get to know the killer a sick and twisted demented soul who is looking for some new "friends". 

Now if I divulge anymore information my entire TWIST would be ruined.  So my goal entice you into reading this blog... Tell you about me and my life, and provide you with little snippets of my book.  And even involve you in the writing process.  

First I need a fourth victim for my serial killer....

First Victim:  A overly seductive enchantress who tempts the killer with her extreme beauty.
Second Victim:  A unattractive obese woman, who hates life and wants to die.
Third Victim:  A main character in my book.

Now for the Fourth Victim.
Should it be
  1. A Special Forces Military Man
  2. A Bubbly Blond homosexual male
  3. Or a large male Biker with a gruff exterior and over active imagination (can we say Conspiracy Theorist?)
Help me decide!

So far I have the first 8 chapters done in my book, a Preface, and the ending done.  Now I just have to fill in the middle.

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  1. First off I'm so proud and honored to know such a warm-hearted creative person, your drive inspires so much greatness I know you'll succeed with all that you desire in life just keep the passion alive and always follow your heart. Love your friend til the end,


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