Monday, January 3, 2011

Can Can Troubles and Novel Dreams


So after a bad display of Can Can dance moves in front of my son to the ending credits of the movie Stardust; I decided to update my blog and make it more attractive.  So now that it is done, it's time to reveal a little excerpt from my novel. 'Here are the first couple paragraphs of Chapter One. (keep in mind this is my First Rough Draft.  EMPHASIS on the ROUGH)

Chapter One.

   The wind ran rampant through the roof top of the old apartment building, it played with the old metal shingles making them sing with each vicious blow raging through the sky.  The girl sat alone, watching as the New York night life buzzed below her.  She often journeyed to the top of her building, escaping the reality of her everyday life.  She sat with her legs crossed, her back pressed against the granite stones laid to form the exterior walls of the roof.  Nearby he sat in wait, watching from the shadows as she basked in the beams of the Harvest Moon.  Her beauty evoked desires lying dormant within his body, every beat from his heart raced like a tiger stalking its prey.  He wanted her, watching from afar as he studied her every movement.  She was his Princess, the chosen royalty to start off his assortment of perfect people.  He sat mesmerized by her perfect beauty; she was the typical Barbie doll, vanity attacked every inch of her porcelain skin. From head to toe, his Princess was the ultimate beauty: her hair was a golden blonde dancing playfully throughout the wind’s frigid grasp as it whipped about her shoulders. Her eyes were large; shimmering like shiny sapphires under a layer of thick and sultry lashes.  He could feel himself losing control as he remembered her smile, fidgeting as the memory of the first moment they spoke sent his genital regions into a sensory overload. 
                He saw her in a crowd, silhouetted like an angel sitting amongst a vast sea of darkness as she jogged her way to Central Park.  The blank faces of the bustling New York sidewalk continued on with their lives, unfazed by the radiant beauty that moved in between them.  He sat in awe completely enthralled with the Princess that haunted his dreams.  She made her way to the park running through the thicket of trees along the trails; he followed behind her stalking her silently as he watched her tote a tiny tea cup poodle behind her tied to a golden leash that flashed within the sun.  He took a short cut and made his way to the other side of the park determined to hear the voice of his Princess.  He found himself facing her, blocking her way as she jogged up the path.  He waved his hands to flag her down; she obliged and slowed her pace taking the headphones from out of her ears as he spoke.
 “Excuse me Miss, but do you have the time?” he asked coyly, holding her eyes in a passionate gaze.  She flashed him a smile and jogged in place.
“I’m sorry what did you say?”  She asked her voice almost singing as she spoke, the tea cup poodle growled, her perfectly cleaned teeth barring through her puffy white fur.  “Precious will you please calm down?” She scolded her poodle, waving a long slender finger towards the dog. She ignored the dog’s warning about the man who stood before her and flashed him a vibrant smile.
 “Um yes Miss, I asked if you had the time.”  She pulled her cell phone from her pocket, a bright florescent pink phone with jewels encrusting the case.  She checked the time and put it back into the pocket of her pale pink jump suit. 
“Of course, it is almost 7:20 . . .” She informed him as she put her headphones back into her ears continuing her jog through the park. He fell to his knees; an intense pressure attacked his heart every beat ached longing for her to come back to him. The pain traveled to his head pounding through his brain like a stampede of wild horses. He let out a low grunt as he rubbed it vigorously; his headaches seemed to get worse the more his urges ran away with themselves. He stood up, unable to track the rest of her movements due to the unfortunate hammering that attacked the inside of his head and the pits of his heart. He was determined to find her again; his collection needed its Princess the tiara waiting to be placed on her royal locks of blonde hair.

Well there you have a sneak peek at my killer and his first victim the Princess.  I really hope it entices people to want more. As for today, I didn't attempt anything on my book mostly I played with my kids all day.  So I decided to add another thing to my blogs.  Song of the Day.  Hope you enjoy them as well.

Kid Quote of the Day:  
Me talking to my daughter: Okay so what is your Kid Quote today?

My daughter:   What is a Kid Clode?
Me:  A Kid Clode huh? A Kid Quote is something you say that is funny.
My daughter: Ohhhh Okay Mommy you have a Frog butt.
( I Guess I should have stuck with the Kid Clode, that was funny enough!)

Whats For Dinner Tonight: Fish Sticks, Tarter Sauce and Fries (Thanks Honey :)

Song of the DayCee Lo Green (Forget You) Edited version

That is all for now thanks for reading.

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  1. Having a frog butt could technically be considered a compliment...they don't really have butts per se. :)


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