Monday, January 24, 2011

The House of Night Series

So normally I am not an avid reader. . . but I found myself falling in love with a YA book series called the House of Night.

I really didn't have any interest in picking up another vampire book series after I completely wretched over Stephanie Meyer's Twilight books.  The story was okay... her love story triangle was very good.  But the way Stephanie Meyer writes just sends chills down my spine not the good ones either but the horribly I want to put this book down but can't because I want to see if it gets any better type of chills.  Stephanie Meyer took the Vampire world of seduction and mystery and turned it into a sparkling weak world of whiny Vampires and impulsive, indecisive meager Female lead.  So I decided to try another series out . . . in comes the House of Night series by P.C and Kristin Cast a mother and daughter who live in Oklahoma.

First off the fact the book was based in Tulsa, Oklahoma completely drew me in and that is why I picked it up off my library's shelf.  The book took a new spin on Vampires, where Humans aren't bitten then turned, nor did they have sparkly vampires whose stalked their human girlfriends.  Instead the Vampires are Marked given a special tattoo which symbolized that the Dark goddess Nyx has called them to her.  I love the way the characters jumped out of the book and I totally pictured being with Zoey Redbird the heroin, and her misfit awesome friends as they began their journey through their change into becoming full fledged vampyres.  Now talk about a love story Zoey is love with three people! All of them completely sexy and cool, one is her almost ex Human Boyfriend, the other a sexy upperclassmen, and finally a dark and mysterious teacher. 

I really enjoyed reading the first two books in the series Marked and Betrayed, and quickly ran to the library to get the rest of the books in the series.  If you like cool spins on vampires, YA novel, and cool characters that you can totally relate to then you will love the House of Night series. Just Like me.

Whats for Dinner tonight:  FROZEN PIZZA.... THAT'S RIGHT DIJORNO PIZZA

Kid Quote of the Day:  From my son to my daughter as she was getting dressed for school
                                   " He He Bootie funny." 

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