Friday, January 7, 2011

The Choice.


So it looks as though I will be gone most of the weekend.  Unfortunately the chance of a possible romantic weekend alone with my husband will be smashed by 3 foot tall monsters I love to call my children. Sometimes I wish it was easier to bring the romance into a marriage. But with little support around us and no babysitter, we are forced to take the children with us almost everywhere nowadays. Does alone time even exist anymore? So with a busy weekend I will not have time to blog nor write on my novels.

But some good news I made the decision to write on the new idea for a book in my head, I already have 6 pages going.  I figure I can work on one book one week and the next week go back to the other.  I'm loving this new found strength I get while I write.  The tiredness not so much. But with this new novel practically writing itself in my head I figured before I lost the inspiration I should start writing on that book we will see where it takes me. 

I hope everyone has a good weekend.

Kid Quote of the day:  My daughter's new word . . . I'm the personist of them all mommy, the personist.

Whats for dinner tonight:  Brisket Sandwiches and Chips

Song of the Day: Chosen by my daughter today

Taio Cruz - Dynamite 
Video taken from Youtube and vevolift

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